This year is my 10th anniversary running Minute Women — wow does time fly!

Since entering the home care industry, I am always think about death. I provide care for people in the last few months or years of their life.

The death of my mom is the reason I…

I recently received an email from someone I vaguely know asking for a copy of my service agreement so that they could use it as a template for their business.

They do not provide hourly care as I do, they are looking to provide travel companionship both domestically and abroad…

Time-blocking is the act of giving every minute of the day a job. You tell the work how long it will take, avoiding the trap of Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s law states that work contracts to fit in the time we give it.

It’s taking the most precious and valuable resource…

Time is fleeting, why waste it?

Time is the most precious resource we have. It can not be paused, extended, or replenished.

Each moment of the day we waste can never be recovered.

When it comes to your professional goals, it would be wise to eliminate time-wasting tasks ruthlessly, allowing you to focus on what really…


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