Do You Know What You’re Selling?

What are you truly selling?

As the economy has changed from manufacturing to a service based economy we are essentially selling one of three things.

1) Time

2) Peace of mind

3) Knowledge

The mechanic is selling his time and/or knowledge of how to fix a car. So is the accountant.

I am selling peace of mind and time. Families either can’t or are unable to provide the care my aides provide and they want the peace of mind that their parent is safe and everything is going to be okay.

The tutor is similar to me in this respect. Parent’s want their kids in the best school possible. They are willing to pay for the peace of mind that they are providing their child every opportunity to succeed.

You could also argue that the tutor is selling time and knowledge, a trifecta!

Point being, once you know which of these services you are selling, you can tailor your sales process to the type of prospect you are interacting with. This allows you to have multiple sale pitches that hit on the main pain points the prospect has.

If you know what the customer’s root concern is, you can show them how you will solve their problem which will lead to many more clients.

Thoughts on productivity, business and sales.